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const tools = [
    'ESNext (JavaScript)', 'Node.js', 'React', 'Angular', 'Ionic', 'Vue.js'
    'XO', 'AVA', 'Bluebird (Promises)', 'Mocha/Chai', 'Travis', 'NYC',
    'AWS Cognito', 'GitHub', 'Cordova', 'Babel', 'HTML5',
    'Less', 'SASS', 'Gulp', 'Typescript', 'Webpack', 'Sketch'

I eat, sleep and dream in code. During the 19 years that I have worked as a software developer, I have experienced bumbling failures and spectacular successes. I make Web & Mobile apps when the sun is shining and tinker with Parallelism, Quantum Computing, and Open Source software when everyone has gone to sleep. I am a passionate advocate for Behavior Driven Development, DevOps, and ZTDD (Zero Technical Debt Development).

In my early career, I focused on pushing the bleeding-edge of web technology. I was a Technical Lead for Mozilla, chaired the Audio Working Group at The W3C, worked on data visualization for Newsweek, developed a Node.js platform for Redbull Studios and wrote an article for the .NET magazine about JavaScript animation. In recent years I have focused on using technology to help solve social problems. I was a Software Architect and Scrum Master for a Web Accessibility company and a Lead Developer for two mobile healthcare apps.

I have been programming since the early 1980's, and started designing and building websites for work during the early 2000's. I have co-founded a company and been the first employee at a tech start-up three times.

I studied Music Technology, Production & Performance at Langley College in England, where my teacher jokingly nicknamed me "Doctor Filter", because a) every musician was pre-pending their name with "Dr." back then, (E.g., Dr. Dre), and b), because I would apply Frequency Cutoff Filters to every channel of the electronic music I produced.

My peers thought this nickname was hilarious, and so it stuck. With an ungodly number of hours playing Team Fortress 2 under my belt, my nickname naturally shifted to its present, 1337 form, "F1LT3R".