• Setup a CRA Monorepo

    Learn how to scaffold a Monorepo to manage multiple Create React App’s that share a common component library using Lerna and Yarn Workspaces. We will setup Storybook and Jest to work well in the Monorepo environment.

  • Coleman-Liau Readability Index

    During a spell of frequent writing, I tested a multitude of software tools promising to make my writing better.

  • Node BDD Cookie Cutter

    Learn how to setup a Behavioral Driven Development pattern in a Node.js project. Using Mocha and NYC, we will setup a watcher that will run unit tests on the fly and produce coverage results when you pre-commit code using Husky.

  • Roll Your Own Math - Sine & Cosine

    For years I have been using JavaScript’s Math.sin() and Math.cos() to create games, animations and interactive graphs on the <canvas> element. But how do Sine and Cosine work? I had to know…

  • Binary Search with Typescript

    “What is a Binary Search?”, I was asked this week. “I have no idea!”, I replied. I was interested to see if I could understand what a Binary Search was and whether I could write a Binary Search with Typescript.